First ever report on consumer reactions to Open Banking reveals what UK consumers really think

RFi Group has conducted the first ever study on consumer reactions to Open Banking and the roll-out of PSD2 across the UK, releasing a one-of-a-kind report on its key findings. Widely heralded to produce a wave of disruption not seen in banking for decades, Open Banking will allow consumers to share their information with any provider, causing an upsurge of competition from new players who have the smarts to take advantage of this opportunity.

The UK is leading the charge, as other markets watch closely.

RFi Group interviewed 2,000 consumers and 200 small-to medium sized businesses (SME’s) and combined factual results with their expert insight to provide company-wide (bank/ FinTech) strategies, to both protect and acquire customers.

The study’s aims were;

To debunk and expel the myths and exaggerations around PSD2 and Open Banking

To strip out the FinTech hype and take the view that ‘the customer is king’ - what is their view?

To understand the opportunity this provides for banks, challengers and FinTechs

To provide data-driven insights for RFi Group’s clients, to make decisions based on facts

Initial Findings;

Only 16% of consumers had previously heard of Open Banking

Just 18% of consumers were aware it had been introduced

Fewer than one in four (24%) claimed to have a good level of understanding of the terminology and what it means for them

The Report will enable readers to;

Develop a company-wide (bank/ FinTech) strategy to both protect and acquire customers

Understand consumer pain points and how to solve them

Learn how to overcome barriers to entry and develop loyalty

Reveal how to own the ecosystem to acquire main bank customers

Other major take-outs;

1 in 6 consumers are happy sharing their personal data for improved products or services and 3 in 5 are open to understanding the benefits

Banks are still the most trusted institutions to keep customer data safe, but for the first-time ever, younger consumers now trust Amazon and PayPal more than they trust their banks and schemes

Trust, brand presence and longevity in financial services provide comfort and are factors that continue to be hurdles for the FinTech community

FinTech awareness and usage is increasing but no FinTech in the UK has more than 3% share and less than 0.5% of UK consumers are currently using a FinTech as their main bank

How consumers will behave in an Open Banking environment will be heavily influenced by who they trust and what they perceive to be secure, (and the inverse - who they don’t trust and what they perceive to be insecure)

Consumers don’t find their every-day banking relationships challenging, so ultimately the opportunity is to offer entirely new propositions

Services that enable consumers to avoid or reduce fees tested well, highlighting that services need to focus on consumer pain  points (of which fees is one). 1 in 3 consumers find aggregation services appealing

UK consumers do not know how much of their personal data they are already sharing. 3 in 10 believe that they do so via apps, but 7 in 10 consumers use apps that require the sharing of some sort of personal data

Access the infographic here

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