RFi Group lead conversation 'How real-time and open banking may impact account-to-account payments' for Women in Payments

RFi Group's Global Account Director, Sarah Hollinshead moderates a panel for Women in Payments on A2A - How real-time and open banking may impact account-to-account payments.

Sarah draws on latest RFi Group global financial insights to steer the conversation between panelists; Lana Abdullayeva - Lloyds Banking Group, Holly Coventry - AMEX, Anna Poora - Barclays.

Please visit the recorded Panel Session here.

Open Banking has opened the door for third party Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) to initiate payments directly from customers’ bank accounts. This creates new opportunities for instant account-to-account (A2A) payments, which are now being contemplated for online shopping and bricks and mortar purchases. Join this discussion as we explore the opportunities, form factors, challenges, and who wins and who loses in this brave new world of A2A payments.

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